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Fast and Easy Sim Activate

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By clicking accept, activating or using service,
You are agreeing to US Connect’s Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”),
You can review the full T&Cs at or on your MyeasyUS account.
You agree to allow us, the honor of serving your basic data and voice needs for 12 months. We agree to provide you with 1st class service, reliability, pricing, and introduction to the latest innovation in technology platforms and services. If you find something better, we will match or exceed it. If we cannot do so, we will graciously and regrettably watch you go. We agree to heavily invest our time, energy, efforts, and finances to fulfill our promise to you. In the event that you choose to part with our company, we will accept our secondary prize of $200 as a parting gift from you, as agreed upon in our Cancellation Policy &You agree to pay all dues & fees within 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) of leaving. We Hate to see you go, but we know you will be back.